Top-5 vegetarian restaurants in Brampton

May 1, 2021

Top-5 vegetarian restaurants in Brampton

  • Annalakshmi
  • Vinayagar Vilas
  • Dosa Den
  • Balista restaurant
  • Muffin’s (Indian sweets and restaurants pure veg)

Finding a classic Indian vegetarian restaurant:

amidst all the non-vegetarian food and non-vegetarian lovers is a bit of a task. We have put together a list of amazing vegetarian restaurants in Brampton, so that you can order online or dine in your favourite vegetarian Indian food whenever you want.

  • Annalakshmi

  • Down to earth with a classic menu of dosas and other homestyle South Indian dishes.
  • The menu has a wide range of foods starting from South Indian breakfasts, soups, appetizers to rice, desserts, beverages, and a kid’s corner.
  • Location of the restaurant:



  • Speciality:

  • Authentic South Indian breakfast


  • Vinayagar Vilas take out and catering :

  • Vegetarian restaurant in Brampton with healthy, vegan options for breakfast, lunch, brunch and dinner.
  • The menu has authentic Indian sweets, snacks, rotis and main course.
  • Location of the restaurant:
  • 85 Kennedy Rd S #31, Brampton, ON L6W 3E7, Canada

+1 905-796-2411

  • Speciality:

  • Indian sweets and snacks, breakfast


  • Dosa Den:

  • Vegetarian restaurant in Brampton with intimate counter serve with outdoor seating, dolling out Asian, Indian, and Chinese vegetarian fare.
  • The menu has an authentic South Indian breakfasts, starters, Indochinese and rice specialities.
  • Location of the restaurant:
  • 10 Gillingham Dr Unit #104 Floor 1, Brampton, ON L6X 5A5, Canada.

+1 905-497-3672

  • Speciality:

  • Breakfast, Indo-Chinese food


  • Balista restaurant:

  • Balista is a fun casual dining eatery located in Brampton. The ambience of this place is quite subtle with a spacious and comfy seating area.
  • The menu has a wide range is burgers, sandwiches, pasta, and wraps.
  • Location of the restaurant:
  • 90 Eastern Ave unit no. 10, Brampton, ON L6W 1X9, Canada

+1 905-455-5565

  • Speciality:

  • Burgers, pastas, sandwiches, wraps


  • Muffin’s (Indian sweets and restaurants pure veg):

  • Indian pure vegetarian restaurant in Brampton with small plate, vegan options.
  • The menu has multiple options of sweets, snacks, burgers, meals and Chinese.
  • Location of the restaurant:
  • 8770 The Gore Rd Unit- 6, Brampton, ON L6P 0B1, Canada

+1 905-794-3007

  • Speciality:

  • Sweets and snacks
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